Free Gas and In Store Purchase

Intouch Insight is offering Free Gas of $10 and  in-store purchase mystery shops!

You will visit a service station and make observations about customer service, exterior cleanliness including the pumps, store environment and cleanliness including washrooms 

You MUST purchase a minimum of $10 of fuel directly at the pump. You will be reimbursed the $10 for your fuel • A product of your choice inside the store. You will be reimbursed up to $5 for your in -store purchase.

If you are interested in this shop or any other opportunities offered by Intouch Insight, please visit us at

You will then be directed to the I Secret Shop platform where you can edit your profile, complete your registration, and review the available opportunities.

You can also contact me directly and I will be happy to walk you through the process.

Must have a valid PayPal account to receive payment for all Intouch Insight shops.

Additional Info

Link :

Reimbursement : $15

Pay : $2

Zip : 33161 33161 33161 33161 33178 33134 33014 33015 33018 33165 33056 33311 33125 33135 33442 33054 33178 33016 33319 33064 33173

State : Florida

Opportunity Function : Convenience Store

Opportunity Type : Mystery Shop - Online Form Entry

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