Parking Shops- Free Parking!

Data Quest has monthly Parking audits, must park for at least 1.5 hours during the day/time required at location, cash payment reimbursed. Majority of the parking lots and garages are within the cities of Boston, Cambridge, Charlestown and Medford.  

Evaluations are conducted according to the special dates and times in an effort to evaluate as many different employees as possible each month. This is to ensure that the facilities are well maintained and that the employees are handling patrons’ cash payments in an ethical manner. 

Shop expenses vary by location and number of hours parked (typically $12 - $43).  Data Quest, Ltd. will reimburse shoppers for the parking fee they pay at each shop and for a $2.00 tip at valet parking locations. Each shop also pays a flat fee of $15. 

Additional Info

Link :

Reimbursement : $12-$43

Pay : $15

Zip : 97501 97502 97504 02808 02813 02114 02140 02238 02134 02141 02138 02142 02139 02163 02108 02109 02110 02111 02113 02114 02115

State : MA

City : Boston, Cambridge, Charlestown and Medford

Opportunity Function : Other

Opportunity Type : Mystery Shop - Online Form Entry

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