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Customer Experience Experts is passionate about what is important to you and your customers, Customer Experience Experts specializes in state-of-the-art customer satisfaction marketing research, including mystery shopping, on-line customer feedback surveys, compliance, merchandising and inventory audits and more. We use a national network of professional mystery shoppers who live in the communities where you are located. For all of our methods, once the surveying is completed, we provide confidential on-line reporting 24/7 on our website. To support these important customer experience management initiatives we also guide your company in the development of brand-based standards of performance, and creating customer friendly environments through progressive merchandising displays and on-line website design. We are here to help your company achieve outstanding customer satisfaction. We help companies throughout the country maximize best practices to develop and reward employees, keep customers and increase profits. With more than 20 years of experience, we monitor employee performance, provide innovative customer satisfaction research methods and create customer service-oriented environments. Our proven methods will allow you to positively change employee behavior, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and sales. Create, measure, reward. At Customer Experience Experts, we help you create and measure outstanding memorable customer experiences. Let us help you maximize every customer moment, so your customers always say, ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''I'll be back.'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Let's Talk. We're ready to help you get and keep your customers happy. Please visit our website at for more in-depth information, or call us at 717-371-5310.

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