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Now, LiveShopper Sassie is leading a revolution with an exciting combination of technologies and services, plus innovative ways to expand further into overall market research. Don’t wait until your client has a demand you can’t meet. With LiveShopper Sassie, you’ll get both an industry-leading mystery shopping platform, and groundbreaking solutions for the overall market research. LiveShopper Sassie offers the best mystery shopping platform from access to our three million shoppers worldwide to an industry-leading data reporting dashboard. Beyond mystery shopping tools, we also provide enhanced market research solutions through mobile crowdsourcing technology, customer satisfaction measurement, and social media monitoring. All of this leads to a clear image of how brands are performing, allowing a business to make informed decisions to deliver the best experience possible for their customers. Don’t get left behind as times continue to change in the world of mystery shopping and market research. Be nimble and adaptable to stay ahead of your competition. With LiveShopper Sassie, we’ll provide the services, technologies and customer care you’ll need to do just that.

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