$50 to Purchase and Return a Pair of Shoes

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Santa Monica


Los Angeles




Highland Park






New York




San Antonio


For this shop, you will be visiting and browsing the store looking for shoes and accepting assistance from an associate. After receiving assistance from the associate, you will make a shoe purchase and then return the shoes you purchased. You will be evaluating your experience while purchasing the shoes, as well as your experience when returning the shoes at the store.

Since you must make a shoe purchase in-store, the client requires you to wear a size 13 or smaller, as they may not have larger shoe sizes available in the store.

One of the remarkable aspects of the iSS platform lies in its extensive network of over 28 companies that actively utilize the platform. Once you've logged in and navigated to the "available shops" page, you'll possibly discover a multitude of opportunities.

Regarding the compensation for client opportunities, you have the flexibility to receive your earnings through either PayPal or Venmo, based on your preference. You can find more comprehensive information about this, along with additional details, on the "Provider Contracts & Policies" page located on the iSS platform. Specifically, if you're searching for contracts associated with us, we operate under the names Business Evaluation Services and Customer 1st.

If you log in and can't find the shop, it indicates someone has already claimed it. We recommend checking the board regularly, as cancellations do occur. The more you check, the greater the chance you'll seize an opportunity!

If you have any questions or need additional clarification, feel free to contact me directly at 805-472-4390.

Thank you, and I hope you have a beautiful day.

Additional Info

Link : https://isecretshop.com/

Reimbursement : Return Shop

Pay : $50

Zip : 10010, 10023, 10065, 19103, 19803, 60035, 60614, 78230, 87112, 87114, 90049, 90403, 02116, V6E, 1B2

State : BC, CA, DE, IL, MA, NY, PA, TX

City : Vancouver, santa monica, los angeles, wilmington, highland park, chicago, boston, new york, philadelphia, san antonio

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