Prerequisites: All Core Courses
QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) are possibly some of the most widely available in the mystery shopping industry. The forms are generally relatively simple to fill out and do not require a lot of time to complete, which can make them popular with evaluators of all levels of experience. That said, somewhat intricate timings may be involved in the shop itself, and note-taking is still important to ensure that the form is accurate and complete. While these shops often do not require lengthy narratives, it is still important to write clearly, concisely, and objectively to get the required information across. This course will include tips and tricks on how to complete these shops correctly and thoroughly. ATTENTION: Once you purchase the certification course(s), you will receive an e-mail with instructions and links to the course within 24-48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) PROVIDED you are eligible to take the course. For example, if you purchase an advanced course to lock in pricing now, but have not completed and passed your core courses, you will not receive your advanced course until you earn your certifications in the three core courses. YOU MUST COMPLETE YOUR CORE COURSES BEFORE BEING PROVIDED ACCES TO ANY ADVANCED COURSES. If you purchase an advanced course before you complete and certify in your core courses, those advanced courses will be held for you at the purchase price and they will become unlocked once you meet the pre-requisites by completing and certifying in your three core courses (or meeting any other required pre-requisite). Similarly, you must complete sequential advanced courses in order; for instance, you will not be given access to Retail II until you certify in Retail I, even if you purchase them simultaneously. All required pre-requisites for any courses must be met before the advanced course(s) is/are unlocked. There is no “credit for life experience”. Displaying an MSPA certification on your account signifies to the MSP that you have reviewed our specific industry curricula and that you have achieved a passing score in those disciplines. You no longer need to put certification numbers on every MSP account. Certification numbers have not been issued since 2020. Much easier for you, your MSPA Americas account lists all your certifications, and MSPs can search the membership database for members who hold those certifications. For instance, an MSP can do a search of all IC members who hold a certification in Banking and Financial Institutions I when looking to complete a banking project with independent contractors who have certified in that industry. Please note you must be an active member of MSPA Americas (i.e. have logged into your account as least once in the last 12 months) for your record and your certifications to appear in an MSP search. If you have not logged in within the last 12 months, the system will presume you are no longer active and not return your record in a search. Please allow up to 24 hours, excluding holidays and weekends, for access to your course. *All sales are final. No refunds. There are no exceptions to this policy.
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